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The Breeders

Affiliations :: Organization which are of interest to Knatchbull!

These are just some of our organizations of interest.

Canadian Kennel Club

American Bullmastiff Association

Canine Academy


Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Knatchbull's Liberty Debbie

Photos of some of our most loved dogs.

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Breed Clubs

Breed clubs are organizations made up of people who love their breed of dog, and want to preserve it as it should be, and often for it's original function. The people who form a breed club are dedicated, and work hard at making sure that any breeding happen only to benefit the breed, not the breeder.

Clubs often organize specialty shows for their breed, such as working trials, and conformation shows, and in the case of the parent clubs, write the standard that all dogs of that breed are held up to for their country.

In addition, breed clubs often have a set of very strict rules regarding breeders (Code of Ethics), that breeders adhere to, in order to be a part of their breed club. The Code of Ethics serves to maintain standards in breeding, and is often strictly enforced.

For a puppy buyer, the breed club offers a list of Code of Ethics breeders, to ensure quality puppies, and often can refer the buyer to the breeder who breeds for a function, as well as conformation. A person looking for a working dog can easily be directed to a breeder who breeds for traits that make an ideal working dog.

Many breed clubs are also the main rescue contact for that breed's rescue as well.

Bullmastiff Club from the Netherlands

Club Francais Du Bullmastiff Et Du Mastiff

Cascade Northwest Bullmastiff Club

The Bullmastiff Club of New South Wales Inc

The Bullmastiff Club of Western Australia

Bullmastiff club of South Australia

Bullmastiff Fanicers of Canada

American Bullmastiff Association

Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
Ontario, Canada

 proud member in standing withCKC :: Canadian Kennel Club


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