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American Bullmastiff Association

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Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Photos of some of our most loved dogs.

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Breed Characteristics

CKC Group: Working Dogs
Height: Males 25-27 in (63-69 cm) at the highest point of the withers
Females 24-26 in (61-66 cm) at the highest point of the withers
Weight: Males 110-130 lbs (50-59 kg)
Females 100-120 lbs (45-55 kg)
Females are feminine in appearance, of somewhat lighter bone structure than the male, but should still convey strength.
The Bullmastiff comes from a cross between the Bulldog and the Mastiff. Developed for the purpose of having a dog who could guard like a Mastiff, have the courage of a Bulldog, and be faster and more agile than the Mastiff. He was mostly used by gamekeepers in Britain to warn them of the presence of poachers and help them in a fight. Known as the "gamekeeper's night dog", he was a silent, agile dog that could attack on command, knock down a man and hold him without mauling or biting. He has also been used as a police and army dog and as a guard dog by diamond companies in South Africa.  (See History)

The Bullmastiff has an aristocratic, attentive and intelligent appearance. Powerful, active, alert, fearless and courageous, he is however, docile and laid back with those he knows. The Bullmastiff is extremely devoted, loyal, and affectionate to his family. Today, the breed is primarily a companion dog who is an excellent guard dog. With his natural guarding abilities and a somewhat stubborn nature, the Bullmastiff is not for everyone and early socialization and training is very important for this breed.

Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
Ontario, Canada

 proud member in standing withCKC :: Canadian Kennel Club


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