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Canine Academy

The Glass Menagerie :: Customized Stained Glass Artwork!

Featured Art Works from our Stained Glass Art Studios

We specialize in horse and canine artwork, but we can and do custom stain glass artworks upon commission!  Contact  Helene Hansmann for more information! Or click HERE to do so!

Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Congo

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Photos of some of our most loved dogs.

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Knatchbull Champions

Dual Champions

Am. Can. Ch. Vindicta of Knatchbull
Am. Can. Ch. Onan of Knatchbull ROM
Am. Can. Ch. Mister Worf of Knatchbull
Am. Can. Ch. Knatchbull's Eye of the Storm
Am. Can. Ch. Knatchbull's Lady Moonstruck

Am. Can. Ch. Knatchbull's Leopold Bloom ROM
Am. Can. Ch. Knatchbull's Saxon 5th Ave ROM
Am. Can. Ch. Knatchbull's Millie of Sanrose
Am. Can. Ch. Knatchbull's Phantom Ranger
Am. Can. Ch.
Knatchbull's Kentucky Zachery
Am Can. Ch. Knatchbull's 5th Avenue Marquee

Canadian Champions

Blazin's Sarci of Knatchbull
La Roux de Nuit of Knatchbull
Wynston of Knatchbull

Hobbs of Knatchbull
Bonnie Bryn of Knatchbull
Stykeson of Knatchbull
Brynow's Mookie of Knatchbull
Moshoes Zeke of Knatchbull
Burly Rubenesque of Knatchbull
Nighthawk Hanna of Knatchbull
Olavi Rose of Knatchbull
Zeena of Knatchbull
Dantes Inferno of Knatchbull
Lioncourt Tess of Knatchbull
Domina Prizzi of Knatchbull CD
Mistress Teazle of Knatchbull
Yukon Red of Knatchbull
Knatchbull's Darcy Tucker
Knatchbull's Summerside Park
Knatchbull's Congo
Knatchbull's Duke Tobhlair
Knatchbull's Matayko
Bullstock Tucker of Knatchbull

Knatchbull's Impressive Spirit
Bulldozer Bowen of Knatchbull
Knatchbull's Laisse of Bulldozer
Knatchbull's Three Amigos
Rover Return of Knatchbull
Dryden of Knatchbull
Bullstock's Ultimate Knatchbull
Knatchbull's Abby Gal of Olavi                                                                                    

Knatchbull's Finest Hour

Knatchbull's Bold Brunhilda

Knatchbull's Noble Benjamin

Knatchbull's Tavian

Knatchbull's Raven

Knatchbull's Tameka

Knatchbull's Three Times A Charm

Knatchbull's Jorja

Knatchbull's Raz Bindi

Knatchbull's Money Penny CD

Knatchbull's Ashley of Fitness

Knatchbull's Montana of Sanrose

Knatchbull's Run for the Roses

Knatchull's Afairs of the Heart

Knatchbull's Rose of 5th Ave


If I have missed your Knatchbull dog on my list of Champions - PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL ADD THEIR NAME TO THE LISTS ABOVE.



Am. Can. Ch. Vindicta

Am. Can. Ch. Onan of Knatchbull

Am. Can. Ch. Mr. Worf of Knatchbull

Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
Ontario, Canada

 proud member in standing withCKC :: Canadian Kennel Club


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