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Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Knatchbull's Liberty Debbie

Knatchbull's Congo

Knatchbull's Eythan

Knatchbull's Rumblin Pawz Sudden Storm

Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Knatchbull's Liberty Debbie

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.Do they drool?

All dogs drool, but sometimes Bullmastiffs may drool more often than other breeds.   Some lines have dryer mouthed dogs than others.

2. How BIG do they get?

The breed standard calls for a dog that is between 25-27" for a male and between 24-26" for a female.  Weights are between 110-130# for a male and 90-110# for a female.  However, there are many Bullmastiffs that fall either under the standard or over the standard.  Ideally, a breeder breeds to the breed standard and the pups that may fall outside the parameters of the standard are placed as companion animals.

3. How much food do they eat?

An adult Bullmastiff usually eats between 2-3 cups of dry kibble twice a day.   This averages out to 40-60# of dog food per month.  Some may eat more and some may eat less. Each dog is different so you need to gauge the amount of food to the size of the dog.  The important thing to remember is do not let your Bullmastiff become overweight.

4. How much do they cost?

Prices vary from coast to coast, but the average is as follows.  For a companion animal the price range may be from $1,500.00 plus any shipping costs that may apply.  For a show puppy, the price range is from $1,800.00 - $2,000.00 plus shipping costs that may apply.  I have heard of some people charging as much as $2,500.00-$3,000.00 for a puppy.  For a companion pup, breeders usually make it mandatory to have the pup spayed or neutered.  This helps protect the integrity of the breed.  All our puppies sold are on a non-breeding contract with the Canadian Kennel Club.   This non-breeding contract with the Canadian Kennel Club and the breeder is under a private contract which will be lifted under strict restrictions such as Health Clearances and Show title achieved.

5. Do I have to show my dog?

If you are interested in showing a dog, then work with your breeder on getting the best quality pup you can.  Most breeders will gladly help you along the way in this wonderful sport.   Most breeders keep their pick pups, so it could take a year or more to get just the right pup for you.  Be patient.  Let you breeder help you and teach you.  They are your mentor.

If you do not want to show a dog, then be up front with the breeder. Do not sign a show contract. Many people want a show quality pup and because you are getting a companion animal doesn't mean that it is a lesser quality.  Tell the breeder what you want.   Many top quality show prospects go to pet homes to be wonderful couch ornaments.

6. Are they good family dogs?

Yes! This breed needs to be an integral part of the family unit.  This breed IS a guard breed and does require a lot of early socialization so that they become accepting to everyone you invite into your home.  They are very rough as puppies and may knock small children down without even noticing.  They would protect you with their life, if the need ever arose.

7. Do I need to take my dog to obedience school?

YES!!!   Obedience training is in a class situation and provides socialization as well as valuable training.  If your dog is not under control, he may knock someone down and hurt them.  We highly recommend Canine Academy.  To visit their web site click HERE!

8. What colors do they come in?

The recognized colors are red, red fawn, fawn and brindle.  They should   have a black mask and dark eyes, ears and nails.

9. How much exercise do they need?

This breed requires moderate exercise.  As a pup, start with very slow short walks, then increase the length of the walk as the dog gets older.  Do not attempt any high impact events until the dog is well over 18 months of age.

10. How do I find a reputable breeder?

Do your homework.  Interview each breeder you talk to.  Make up your own set of questions before you talk with them.  The breeder will have a set of questions to ask you.  Do not be offended by these questions as they are being asked to protect the pup! This pup will be a part of your family.  Make sure your breeder will be available to answer your many questions, no matter how silly you may think they are (no question is EVER silly).  If the breeder states that their dogs have certifications on hips, elbows, eyes, thyroid, cardiac, etc, ask to see the certifications.  If they cannot provide you with copies, then the dogs do not have those health clearances and you should be wary of them.  If the breeder has a contract, go over each clause with that breeder.  There may be clauses in that contract that you do not understand or agree with.  If you do not feel comfortable with those clauses, talk about them with the breeder and come to an agreement.  If this cannot be done then DON'T take the pup.   DO NOT IMPULSE BUY.

Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
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