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Knatchbull Kennels

We purchased our first Bullmastiff in December 1982, with no plans on becoming dog breeders.  We attended a local dog show and entered our red-fawn male just for fun and got hooked. We enjoyed the dog show scene. It was a fun beginning with our dog on these special outings at the shows.  We did get our championship, owner handled all the way and making every possible mistake along the way.  So begins the start to our experience into the dog world.  Our first Bullmastiff was Canadian Champion Marquinn Lord Eythan.

Can. Ch. Marquinn Lord Eythan

While attending a dog show in Bradford, we saw a beautiful red-brindle Bullmastiff which just delighted us.  A brindle Bullmastiff bitch was to be our next color as a possible mate for Eythan.  Since we recently moved to the country from Etobicoke (near Toronto), a second dog became a reality. It took us over a year to acquire our first; female, but she was worth the wait.  She was imported from the United States (Maryland) and selected by Virginia Rowland of Blackslate’s Bullmastiffs, as our search led us to this kennel.  Canadian Champion One Hawk Inka Noire, CD, TT. CGC, ROMC was sired by the famous Int. Span. Am. Ch. Blackslate’s Boston Blackie, ROM.  She became our first foundation bitch and we had to decide on a kennel name for our future puppies.

The kennel name that we choose was “Knatchbull” as it is an old ghost town in our area (Halton Region).  In Knatchbull, there was a blacksmith business and a mail service route and the couriers used a horse when the roads were good, but often in the winter came on foot, or with snowshoes.  The mail was always delivered in the town of Knatchbull during those years under some difficult conditions.  The town Knatchbull is only a memory and all existing buildings have been removed.

Knatchbull Kennels has produced over 50 Champions in Canada, the United States and Holland and one Obedience Trial Champion.

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Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
Ontario, Canada

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