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Bullmastiffs and Children


Don't allow a child to sneak up and frighten a sleeping Bullmastiff.

Don't allow a child to annoy, tease, hit, smack, pull or jump on a Bullmastiff.

Don't allow a Child to approach a Bullmastiff that is eating or chewing a bone.

Don't allow Children to encourage rough play or chasing games.

Don't allow a child to walk an adult Bullmastiff in public, a child does not have the strength to pull back a Bullmastiff if such a time arises.

Introducing the Adult Bullmastiff to the Family or a New Baby.

If you are introducing an adult Bullmastiff into the family we would strongly suggest to purchase a crate first before you bring the Bullmastiff home. Place the Bullmastiff into the crate where there is a lot of activity for example the kitchen or lounge room. This will allow the Bullmastiff to become accustom to the every day hassle and bustle of his new family. Allow your child to approach him while the Bullmastiff is crated to feed him treats, but do not allow your child to tease him. Watch how the Bullmastiff reacts to every family member, if he shies away or is uninterested by looking away then he will need to remain in the crate with the exception of an adult taking him for walks. For an adult he will be going through a complete lifestyle change it is quite normal for him to go off his food for around the first few days.  On average a new Adult bullmastiff introduced into the family will need to be crated for around two weeks.  Once you feel confidant that your Bullmastiff appears to be accepting to your children, place the Bullmastiff onto a lead and allow your child to approach him accompanied with an adult, again watch how the Bullmastiff reacts if he seems happy to see your child then welcome to your new family Bullmastiff if not then continue crating the Bullmastiff and try again at a later date.  If you feel that it is not working then consult the previous owner or breeder.  No risk should be taken when it comes to your child's safety.


Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
Ontario, Canada

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