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Knatchbull's Congo

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Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Knatchbull's Liberty Debbie

Knatchbull's Eythan

Knatchbull's Rumblin Pawz Sudden Storm

Knatchbull's Congo

Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Knatchbull's Liberty Debbie

Knatchbull's Eythan

Knatchbull's Rumblin Pawz Sudden Storm

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Bullmastiffs and Children

The Large Dog and Children

( Author Unknown )

1. Do not allow the child, however small to, tease the dog either physically or verbally. The child who shrieks and leaps incessantly beside a nervous puppy may drive him to snap out in fear as quickly as the child who grabs it's tail or sits on it. If a child is persistent, remove him. Do not even once allow him to continue.

2. Do not let a small child to pick up or carry a puppy. Puppies like babies are afraid of falling. They will often squirm and fight to free themselves. If successful, they may break a leg. (Vet bills are not cheap.) If panicked they may even bite. Remember, in this case, it is not the puppies fault but yours for allowing the situation to progress to the point where the puppy can no longer cope with it. Encourage the child to get down on the puppies level, i.e.: the floor for fun and games. .

3. Do not expect the pup to absorb endless punishment in the for of constant noise or teasing. He will learn to defend himself unless he has some place to go such as a crate, bed, corner, or run where he can go when he does not want to be disturbed. Make certain that everyone understands that he is not to be disturbed there and then to make sure that he is not. He will come back out when he is ready to.

4. Do not leave your dog unattended in the yard with small children no matter how trustworthy you may think your dog is. Although Bullmastiffs enjoy children more so than many other breeds, they are not a miracle dog and must be treated the same as any other large dog when around children. A dog may not mean to hurt a child, yet it usually seems to turn out the other way.

5. Do not buy a dog until you have a fence for him outside where he can be safe from:
a) Teasing by small children
b) Dognappers
c) Stray dogs
d) Mishaps on the road
e) Dogs which are tied become defensive, bored and irritably aggressive. A fence is convenient, durable and safe.

6. Enlist the help of your child in the training of the dog. It will increase his sense of self importance, his concern and knowledge of animal behaviour. If


.7. Do insist that neighborhood children who come to play abide by the same rules that you expect of your own.

8. Do teach the dog to sit before he is given food or a treat, and to wait for an okay to take it. The Bullmastiff pup will grow quicker than your toddler. If the sit stay becomes automatic, you will find him sitting before a baby with food, hoping but never touching.

9. Do give your Bullmastiff simple obedience training so that he will be spared random scolding and confusion. "DOWN and SIT" are pleasant commands to a pup if they are rewarded with a brushing or a tummy rub by their young master.

10. Don't expect the dog to be patient with your child unless you have taught him to be.

11.  Do not leave your Bullmastiff and your small child outside a store and expect them to take care of each other.

12. Do increase your child's sense of responsibility and pride of achievement by letting him help as much as he can.


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