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Is it Right For You?

The practice of co-owning dogs is widely practiced by breeders of all types of dogs.

The most common co-ownership, for a bitch, consists of a purchase price and a return of one or two pick puppies from said bitch’s first or second litter. All details are spelled out in a contract, including when the bitch may be bred, whom she may be bred to, and the selection(s) of the pick(s) of litter. The contract should also state that if the bitch proves to be of inferior quality, upon reaching maturity, she will not be bred, and instead be spayed. This helps protect the soundness of the breed and assures the breeder of said bitch that only quality pups will be produced. Canadian and or American Championship title is a must along with all health clearances prior to breeding.

When a male pup is placed in a co-ownership agreement,  usually a purchase price will be paid.  A Canadian and or American championship title is a must along with all health clearances prior to breeding.  The agreement of co-ownership will be detailed under a private treaty with all members in agreement with terms of stud service fees collected and health related costs.  These agreements vary with each partnership

This contract should also state that if this dog proves to be of inferior quality, upon maturity, he will not be bred and instead neutered.

Co-Ownerships are to protect a breeder’s interest in a certain specimen. If that specimen turns out to be of poor quality, it is a breeder’s wise decision to spay/neuter the animal if that animal doesn’t turn out to be of good breeding quality. This will prevent the animal from producing pups that are below the breed standard set by the AKC, CKC. The idea of breeding is to always "breed-up", which means to increase the quality of the get, not to produce inferior pups. If a persons idea is to make money, then they are entering the wrong business. Breeding any dog or bitch should NOT be done until extreme thought and research has gone into the procedure. This includes hip screenings, blood tests, studying pedigrees and movement, and the overall health of the future breeding pair. When no homework is done, before the breeding, you end up with mediocre animals. This is ignorance, possible puppy milling, or just not caring about the quality of the pups produced, which leads to not caring where these pups end up, be it a puppy mill, pet shop, or the animal shelter!

If you can’t follow the co-ownership agreement, do not enter into a co-ownership agreement.


Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
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