Knatchbull Bullmastiffs :: Perm. Reg :: Dedicated to the breeding of championship dogs for over 2 decades!  We are located in South Western Ontario, Canada!

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Affiliations :: Organization which are of interest to Knatchbull!

These are just some of our organizations of interest.

Canadian Kennel Club

American Bullmastiff Association

Canine Academy


The Glass Menagerie :: Customized Stained Glass Artwork!

Featured Art Works from our Stained Glass Art Studios

We specialize in horse and canine artwork, but we can and do custom stain glass artworks upon commission!  Contact  Helene Hansmann for more information! Or click HERE to do so!

Knatchbull's Onan

Knatchbull's Congo

Knatchbull's Three Amigos

Photos of some of our most loved dogs.

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Bullmastiff Resource List & Links


Most books may be  ordered from Dogwise, P.O.. Box 2778, Wenatchee, WA, 98807-2778.  1800-776-2665 for free catalog Fax: (509)663-9115 email or visit

The Bullmastiff (A handbook) by Clifford Hubbard, Published by Nimrod Press Ltd., 15 The Maltings, Turk Street Alton, Hampshire, England GU34 1 DL

The Mastiff and Bullmastiff Handbook and the Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds both by Douglas B. Oliff.  Published by : Howell Book House Inc.  230 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169

Bringing Up a Bullmastiff Puppy By Mona Lindau-Webb, first book in an excellent series on the Bullmastiff and the new puppy owner, Mona Webb, Alpha Dog Training (310) 559-2321

Bullmastiff, The Peerless Protector by Gerry Roach & Jack Shastid, go to and order through their "bookstore" - will donate a certain portion of proceeds to the American Bullmastiff Association Rescue.

The Bullmastiff Today by Lynn Pratt (UK)

The Bullmastiff, A Breeders Guide, Part 1 and 2 by David Hancock

The Bullmastiff Fanciers Manual by Bill Walkey  P.O. Box 1891, Blaine, WA 98231  (604) 531-7776 also The Bullmastiff Manual (2nd Edition) TFH Publishing

Everyone's Guide to the Bullmastiff by Carol Beans, medical information by Dr. Barbara Reichel DVM, Artwork by Angela McGraw, Published by Carol Beans, 12131 Arroyo Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 544-1824

The Bullmastiff: Handbook for the American Bullmastiff Association: by The ABA Available through current American Bullmastiff Association

The American Bullmastiff Association , Register of Merit Lynn Spohr 13100 South Harvard , Bixby, OK, 74008 (918) 366-9127 fax: (918) 366-9128 email

CHILDREN'S BOOKS:  The beginning of a series about the adventures of "Billy the Bullmastiff". The first in the series is titled "Billy at the Beach".  The second is titled "Billy Meets Beth". Both books are $7.50 each plus postage and handling.  If you would like to have a look, they are both featured here !


A.K.C. Video of the Bullmastiff Standard - The American Kennel club Book & video Dept. (919) 233-9767


Knatchbull Bullmastiffs
Ontario, Canada

 proud member in standing withCKC :: Canadian Kennel Club


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